Let's raise some money!

As you may or may not know, a few years ago we decided that once a year we would pick an organization and donate a portion of our sales for a week.

2017 we picked Planned Parenthood
2018 we picked The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
This year we picked The American Civil Liberties Union

What's happening in our country right now is not an abortion issue. It is not a pro-life/pro-choice issue. And although who we elect into office is obviously important (because omg look what can happen!), it is not a political issue. 

It is a women's rights issue. It is a human rights issue. It's about the right to make our own decision about our own bodies. 

There are many organizations that we considered donating to (links of these wonderful organizations at the bottom of this email) but in the end we went with the ACLU because it was important for us to pick one that was not only fighting for the women today but one that has been in the courtrooms fighting for women all along and will continue to fight for women, and people in general, tomorrow as well.

1017 Bush St. San Francisco, CA. 94109 |         906 1/2 Divisadero St. San Francisco, CA. 94115 |        2200 S. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX. 78704